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this is quite likely OT, but i respect this community's opinions and i'd like some advice, however i completely understand if a mod deletes this :)

the issue is that, as a penal abolitionist, as an anarchist, a critical criminologist, i cannot support the penal 'justice' system...and while i seek to help build community and responsible citizenship in as many ways as i can, obviously we are in the meantime left without a solid, dependable community on which we can rely to manage many social issues we now allow our governments & industrialized/hierarchical institutions presently are in control of...

i am presently facing a situation where i have been attacked & beaten, and have tried to rely on my 'community' to handle it; to help me heal and help the offender admit to and then deal with his issues that resulted in his unrestrained violence against me...sadly the community failed, and he has not only continued to present himself [albeit non-directly] in to my life/work environment, has proactively told many people that i attacked him, that the violence was just & legitimate, and has even taken to trying to cause me professional harm by actively attempting to interfere and inhibit my work...so what now? he's obviously not remotely close to admitting it, is actually using it to try and cause further harm & gain support by slandering me quite harshly, and is interfering in my work...

i am having him banned from the work he is interfering in [among other things i'm also a DJ & promoter, running a weekly clubnight] but since this has occurred he was barely stopped from throwing someone else [who was of no physical threat] down a flight of steps...how can i not feel responsible?

so i ask, what do i do now? do i seek police involvement? i live by my beliefs; i could never seek action based on a sense of revenge or punishment...i only want him to heal and therefore make the community a better, safer, healthier place for us all, but i'm at a loss of what options i have left...
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