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this is quite likely OT, but i respect this community's opinions and i'd like some advice, however i completely understand if a mod deletes this :)

the issue is that, as a penal abolitionist, as an anarchist, a critical criminologist, i cannot support the penal 'justice' system...and while i seek to help build community and responsible citizenship in as many ways as i can, obviously we are in the meantime left without a solid, dependable community on which we can rely to manage many social issues we now allow our governments & industrialized/hierarchical institutions presently are in control of...

i am presently facing a situation where i have been attacked & beaten, and have tried to rely on my 'community' to handle it; to help me heal and help the offender admit to and then deal with his issues that resulted in his unrestrained violence against me...sadly the community failed, and he has not only continued to present himself [albeit non-directly] in to my life/work environment, has proactively told many people that i attacked him, that the violence was just & legitimate, and has even taken to trying to cause me professional harm by actively attempting to interfere and inhibit my work...so what now? he's obviously not remotely close to admitting it, is actually using it to try and cause further harm & gain support by slandering me quite harshly, and is interfering in my work...

i am having him banned from the work he is interfering in [among other things i'm also a DJ & promoter, running a weekly clubnight] but since this has occurred he was barely stopped from throwing someone else [who was of no physical threat] down a flight of steps...how can i not feel responsible?

so i ask, what do i do now? do i seek police involvement? i live by my beliefs; i could never seek action based on a sense of revenge or punishment...i only want him to heal and therefore make the community a better, safer, healthier place for us all, but i'm at a loss of what options i have left...
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You're facing a very interesting dilemma. Let me ponder this one for a bit.

In the meantime you could try posting in the community I started called criminology_hub

The community's a bit on the quiet side but I'm hoping it will pick up when more like-minded people join.
This is very tough, especially if you feel he is a danger.

This may be too personal to share, and I completely understand if you cannot, but what measures did your community take to deal with his issues, if any, and how did it fail? Are most people simply taking his side when there clearly ought to be a meditation process?

What sort of measures do you think the police would help with? A restraining order?

These questions are just questions that come to my mind now, and I hope they are helpful. I'm not the sort of person who believes the police should not be contacted in 100% of all cases, but like you I would like to weigh all the issues thoroughly, if possible.
My philosophy is that the people of the world are like a rock, and the institutions that surround them are like a container...you can place the rock into a triangular container or a square container or whatever, but unlike water which will change its shape to meet its new container's form, the rock will stubbornly maintain its shape.

That's why, unlike most activists with my similar beliefs, I don't participate in as much of the average political activity as much as I try to focus on the people themselves...and I do that through my art and my spirituality.

An ideal society cannot come about unless people change their prejudices and their "me vs you/good vs evil" mindset...but, before I start babbling on and on, let me reply to your original post.

What I'm trying to say is that, yes, we are penal abolitionists, and it's what we strive towards, but do ALL our strategies have to be penal abolitionist in nature? Nope.
When I'm down to a couple of pennies, do you think I still go and grab organic vegan food? Nope.
When I was sexually assaulted by a 6'5 guy weighing over 300 lbs, do you think I didn't seek some sort of action? Nope (..although I must admit, the cops didn't help me in the least bit...which is further evidence to support our penal abolitinist stance!!! Yea!!!)

I think that most of us identify as anarchists/non-authoritarians/socialists/whatever because we don't take too kindly with the harmful restrictions forced upon us by our present society...why do the same thing to yourself?

Now, sit and meditate for a while. For me, my politics are simply about having options...and if you've felt you've taken all the available ones besides the police, then do yourself a favor a get a cop.

You can't too much help us strive toward a better world if you're constantly looking over your shoulder in fear of a violent attack.

Yeah, you'll probably have some fellow activists badgering you with their endless theoretical philosophy, but in the end, you need to listen to the right side of your brain.

This reminds me of Kant and his unyielding stances- My philosophy professor gave us this question: "If a known murderer came up to you and asked for the wherabouts of your friend, would you reveal his location, or would you lie and say you didn't know?"
Duh! I'd come up with lies so great, I'd win an Oscar.

Our ethics should be situational...or at least mine are.

All right, I'll shut up now. I've got to go to work anyways.